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Global Energy Trading

Global Energy Trading

Sourcing Energy Worldwide

Our teams’ deep expertise, market understanding, and strong networks enable us to adapt and respond swiftly to market movements and trends, facilitating an efficient, sustainable, and secure flow of energy from, across and into key markets globally.

GCT captures value throughout the value chain from upstream, midstream and downstream sectors through its relationships with exploration and production companies, refiners, storage facilities and more. GCT’s trading operations are enhanced with its growing portfolio of energy investments into storage access, shipping and partnerships in strategic assets across the globe.

Responsible Production

Supporting and Providing Global Energy Security

Strong relationships with exploration and production companies that responsibly produce energy in a socially responsible manner with minimal environmental impact.

Tall metal towers at a British oil refinery and petrochemical plant.


Providing access to clean and reliable energy

Delivering clean energy to global consumers in a safe and reliable manner, backed by over 40 years of experience across the global energy value chain.


Transporting Reliable Energy to the World

Our domain expertise and vast networks make us the right partner to supporting and providing energy security to our customers

A Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanker Moored To The Jetty From Above

Regasification & Storage

Strategic & Logistical Expertise

Proven track record with access to established networks for smooth and efficient operational excellence to meet our commitments.


Delivering cleaner energy for generations ahead

Extensive industry knowledge to bridge the supply-demand gap across the value chain to ensure access to reliable and affordable energy for our global consumers.

steel long pipe system in crude oil factory during sunset

Trading Cleaner Energy for Good

About Gulf Coast Trading

Committed to providing secure and affordable clean energy for our global consumers, Gulf Coast Trading aims to be a responsible commodity trading company supporting the world’s energy transition towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

Head Office

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